Thesis :: Department of Business

Financial Perofrmance Analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited

Student Name:Nure Alom Siddiqee ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Mrs Samia Islam

Working Capital Management of Corolla Corporation Limited

Student Name:Naimul Islam ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Jhumur Deb Roy

Evaluating of Financial Performance of AB Bank Limited

Student Name:Momena Akter ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:A T M Shibbir Khan

Promotional Mix Strategy of Partex Beverage in Partex Group

Student Name:Belaet Hossan ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Md Moniruzzaman

Financial Performance Anaalysis of Singer Bangladesh Limited

Student Name:Muntasir Mamun ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Abdul Latif Mahmud

Loan Disbursement & Recovery Proceass of Bank Asia Limited

Student Name:Tanzim Hossain ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Emran Ahmed

Deposit Schemes & Performance of United Commercial BankLimited

Student Name:Sharmin Akter ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Priyanka Das Dona

Remittance Management of National Bank Limited

Student Name:Tahmina Tasnim Turin ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Sharmin Islam

Financial Performance Evaluation of Prime Bank Limited

Student Name:Md Mohibil Islam ID:WUB- Supervisor Name:Md Azim

SME Loan of Standard Bank Limited

Student Name:Evana Monzur ID:WUB- Supervisor Nmae:Samia Islam