Thesis :: Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Design and development of automatic vehicle parking system using voice transmission and mobile communication system

Students Name:Md. Ibrahim khalil .wub- .Supervisor Name:Nazib Sobhan .Sep,2018

Design and construction of prototype magnetic levitation Train

Students Name: Tanvir Mahtab .wub- .Supervisor Name:Md. Tarek Ur- Rhaman Erin .oct, 2018

A PLC and SCADA based speed controlling and monitoring system using variable frequency drive (VFD)

Students Name:Mohd Habibul kabir Noman .wub- .Supervisor Name:Farhan Mahbub .Sep,2018

Design and construction of an arduino controlled wi- Fi robot

Students Name: :Baha Uddin .wub- .Supervisor NameSrabani karmakar .oct, 2018

Development of finger print based Bank vault security system

Students Name: Md. Nurjamal .wub- .Supervisor Name:Sajib paul .oct, 2018

Design and construction of an automatic railway level crossing gate control system using PLC

Students Name: Md. Kamruzzaman sarker .wub- .Supervisor Name:Rumana Tasnim .Sep,2018

PLC and SCADA based temperature and level controlling system in glass bottle manufacturing industry

Students Name: Md. Mehbub khan .wub- .Supervisor Name:Abu salman shaikat .Sep,2018

PLC and SCADA based controlling & monitoring for energy distribution system

Students Name: Md. Tauhid khan .wub- .Supervisor Name:Rezwan us saleheen .Sep,2018

Design and construction of a smart publie sanitation system

Students Name: Jimmy Majumder wub- .Supervisor Name:Enamul Haque June, 2018

Design & Development of quadcopter for Autonomous Navigation of water vehicle tracking & Traffic Control

Students Name:Abdullah Al Rakib wub- .Supervisor Name:Nazib Sobhan July, 2018

Design and construction of a metal detecting quad copter

Students Name: Ehteshamul Haque Alif wub- .Supervisor Name:Nazib Sobhan June , 2018

Design and construction of an Automated Fire Fighting Robot

Students Name: Md. Tariq Aziz wub- .Supervisor Name:Prof. Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam 11, July ,2018

Design and construction of a PLC & SCADA based electrical load distribution monitoring & controlling system

Students Name: Md. Rabiul Hasan wub - .Supervisor Name: Abu salman shaikat June ,2018

Development of electricity generation and methane gas production technique by using burnable and fermentable waste

Students Name: Kazi Moshfiqur Rahman .wub- .Supervisor Name:Srabani karmakar .June,2018

Development of an automated storm water drainage system using water level sensor

Students Name:Md. Tanvir Hossain .wub- .Supervisor Name:Prof. Dr. M. shafiqul Islam .May, 2018

Development of an accelerometer based head gesture controlled wheel chair for disabled people

Students Name: Md. Shiful Islam wub- .Supervisor Name:Mahbuba Hossain Feb,2018

Design and development of an automatic dam gate control sytem

Students Name: Md. Shamim Ali wub- .Supervisor Name:Mr. Abu salman shaikat Feb, 2018

Design and construction of PH detector and controlling its measuring parameter

Students Name: Md. Azizul Haque kanak wub- .Supervisor Name:Mrs. Saraboni kormokar March, 2018

Design and construction of line folowing pick and place Robot

Students Name: Md. Sohel Rana .wub- .Supervisor Name:S.M. Firoj Mahmud .January, 2018

Development of Industrial safety monitoring system by IOT implementation

Students Name: Md. Sayed Ashik .wub- .Supervisor Name:Mr. Nazib sobhan .January, 2018 .

Automatic water irrigation system based on soil moisture

Students Name: Md. Mehedi Hossain wub- .Supervisor Name:Mst. Anjuman Ara Nov,2017

Design and Development of automatic fire detection system using flame sensor and radio frequency

Students Name: .Supervisor Name:Md. Nuruzzaman ,wub- Nazib Sobhan .Oct, 2017

Design and development of an advanced vehicle system controlled by smart phone

Students Name: Fatema Marzia Huq Rime wub- .Supervisor Name:Dr. M. Shah fiqul Islam Nov,2017

Design and construction of an automatic wind turbine system

Students Name: Md. Anamul Hossain wub- .Supervisor Name:Mr. Enamul Hoq Nov,2017

Design and construction of automatic tea making machine

Students Name:Md. Al- Amin wub- .Supervisor Name:A K M Zainul Abedin Nov,2017

Design and construction of a CNC machine

Students Name: Abul khair Apu ,wub- .Supervisor Name:Srabani karmakar .June, 2017