Thesis :: Department of Textile Engineering

Study on effect on concentration of soda on dycing of woven cotton Fabric with reative dye

Student name: Md. Mahadi Hsan ,ID: wub- Supervisor:Dibakar Chowdhury ,15.02.2019

Study on the effect of stabilizer on the blcaching performance of 100% cotton knit fabri

Student name: md. Khalid Hasan ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Md.Mostafizur Rahman ,Feb,2019

Study on comparative study between lecture moderns software in CAD process & Garber Software

wub- ,Supervisor: Malaz Rahman khan ,08.02.2019

Comparative study on physical tests of fabric taken before and after water repellenty teflon Finish

Student name: Md. Aminul Islam ,ID: wub-, Supervisor: Malaz Rahman khan,08.02.2019

Effect of Hydrogen proxide Concentration in Single bath scouring and bleaching process of 100%

Student name:Dipak Mondal ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Md.Mostafizur Rahman ,Feb,2019

Study on the effect of industrial Engineering in woven Garments Production

Student name: Md. Abu sufian ,ID:wub- ,Supervisor:Malaz Rahman khan ,Feb,2019

Printing of 100% cotton Fabric with natural Dye Determination of Its Effect on Fastness properties

Student name: Md. Ariful Hasan ,ID:wub- ,Supervisor: Md.Mostafizur Rahman ,Feb,2019

Effect of time study on the productivity in the garments Sector

Student name: dagar chanda das ,ID:wub-, Supervisor: Dibakar Chowdhury ,Feb,2019

Investigation of Bio-polishing on various knit Fabrics

Student name: Md. Asraful Alam ,ID: Wun- Supervisor:Dibakar Chowdhury ,Feb,2019

Analysis the fauts of knitted fabric and ways to minimiz these at a considerate level

Student name: poritos chandra roy ,ID: wub- Supervisor: A.B.M hafizul Alam ,8 Feb,2019

Analysis of Time Study and Its Impact on Sewing Efficiency and Recommendation for Effective Line Balancing

Student name: Abul kalam Azad ,ID: wub-,Supervisor: Md. Shamsuzzaman Rasel ,8 Feb, 2019

Comparative study on the SMV of regular and critical garments and the importance of line balancing

Student Name: Md. Shefath Hasan shagor ,Student ID:wub- ,Supervisor Name:Ajoy Roy ,9 Feb, 2019

A justification of the difference of color fastness of various types of woven fabrics by reactive and disperse day

Student Name: Md. Ashraful Islam ,Student ID: wub- ,Supervisor Name: A.B.M Hafizul Alam , oct, 2018

Study on the effect of bleach wash on denim fabric

Student Name: Md. Mehedi Hasan shawon ,Student ID: wub- ,Supervisor Name: Malaz Rahman khan ,25 oct, 2018

Investigation on effect of ozone fading on physical & mechanical properties of denim pant

Student Name: Monir ,Student ID:wub- ,Supervisor Name: A.B.M. Hafizul Alam ,oct , 2018

Effect of stitch density (SPI) & thread count on seam strength of woven fabric

Student Name: Md. Nazir Hossain ,Student ID:Wub- ,Supervisor Name: Md. Shamsuzzaman Rasel oct , 2018

Study on the application of line balancing to increase productivity of a typical Garments floor

Student Name: Md. Fazle Rabbi ,Student ID:wub-,Supervisor Name: A.B.M. Hafizul Alam ,19.07.2018

Study on the Quality control process of a Knit Garments production

Student Name: Md. Mizanur Rahman ,Student ID: wub - ,Supervisor Name:A.M. Riasat Alam

Comparative study on different physical properties of denim garments by enzyme wash and stone wash

Student Name: Md. Shahnur Reza shuvo ,Student ID: wub- ,Supervisor Name:Malaz Rahman khan

Approaching product sustainability inTextile and Garments Industry of Bangladesh

Student Name: Md. Mazhrul Islam ,Student ID:wub- 599 ,Supervisor Name: Md. Enamul Haque ,14. July, 2018

Comparative study on the effect of SPI (stitch per Inch) & sewing thread count on seam strength for different types of seam

Student Name: Md. Imran Hossain ,Student ID:wub- ,Supervisor Name: A. M. Riasat Alam, 14-Jul-18

Investigation on the physical and mechanical properties of (100%) polyester & nylon coated Garments

Student Name: Imtiaz Ahmed Emon ,Student ID:wub-,Supervisor Name: Md. Shamsuzzaman Rasel ,16 July, 2018

Effects of dry washing process on denim garment

Student Name: Md. Waliullah chowdhury Student ID:,wub- ,Supervisor Name:A.M. Riasat Alam June , 2018

Investigation of Different Washing Effects on physical and mechanical Properties of cotton Knitted Garments

Student Name:Md. Mahfojur Rahman ,Student ID:wub-,Supervisor Name:Md. Shamsuzzaman Rasel ,date: July, 2018

A Study on knitted fabric faults causes and remedies

Student Name: : Litan halder,Student ID wub-,Supervisor Name Md. Shamsuzzaman Rasel ,14.07.2018