Thesis :: Department of Business

Deposit Scheme of NRB commaercial bank limited.

Student Name:Asojibul islam, ID: wub- , Supervisor: Md. Azim

Remittance procedures of Al-Arafah islami bank limited.

Student Name:Ariful islam, ID: wub- , Supervisor: Shabuz Mahmud

A comparative study on the changes of BNBC 1993 and 2015 for designing a five storied residential buliding using ETABS and manual calculation

Students Name: Md. Naz Mus Sakib .wub- .Supervisor Name:Iftekhar Alam Dipto . 26-Dec-18

Study on Environmental impact of Habiganj Industrial park on surrounding area

Students Name:Md. Sohel Talukder .wub- .Supervisor Name:Md. Zahid Husain Khan .Jan,2019

Comparison of compressive strengths of cement mortar by using fine aggregates from three different sources

Students Name: Md. Rajib Hossin .wub- .Supervisor Name:Iftekhar Alam Dipto .27 Dec , 2018

Internship on accounting practies of fresh cement of industries limited.

Students Name: Md. Arif Hasan .wub-01/15/48/3355 .Supervisor Name:Iftekharul Islam .Nov24,2018

Account opening activities of first security Islami Bank limited FSTBL

Students Name: Md. Mirajul Islam. wub-01/15/48/3378 .Supervisor Name:Iftekharul Islam .Dec.10,2018

Service quality perception of customers on App based ride sharing service in Bangladesh -A case study on UBER

Students Name: Sharmin Ara .wub-01/13/44/2736 .Supervisor Name:Ujjal yeamin choudhury .30Nov,2018

The activities of accounts department of City Region development project CRDPUnder Local government Engineering

Students Name: Al- Amin .wub-01/13/45/2765 .Supervisor Name:Sabuz Mahmud .Dec-24,2018

General Banking activities of Mercentile Bank Limited

Students Name: wub 50th -3213 .Supervisor Name: Abdullah Mohammad Sharif Dec-24,2018

Different models of investment of Islami Bank limited

Students Name:Shalina pervin .wub-3240 .Supervisor Name:Md. Azim .Dec.10-2018

Financial performance analysis of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Students Name: Sadnan Sakib ,wub-01/15/50/3351 .Supervisor Name:Helaluddin Ahmed ,Dec.22-2018

Retail banking activities of premier Bank limited

Students Name:Munzaha Binte Zakir .wub-01/15/48/3303 .Supervisor Name:Iftekharul Islam .Dec.03-2018

Financial statement analysis of suprem seed company limited

Students Name: Nasrin sultana .wub-01/15/48/3294 .Supervisor Name: Issa Ahmed .Dec.05-2018

Internship on accountting system of supreme seed company limited

Students Name: shirin akter .wub-01/15/48/3320 .Supervisor Name:Issa Ahmed .Dec.05-2018

Loan distribution process of Janata Bank Limited

Students Name:Sajid Hossain .wub-01/15/48/3257 .Supervisor Name:Priyanka Das Dona .Nov.26-2018

general banking activities of Dutch Bangla Bank limited

Students Name: :Sanjid Hossain .wub-01/15/48/3338 .Supervisor NameEmran Ahmed .Dec-08,2018

Effect of inventory management on the profitabifability a studyon cement companies of bangladesh

Students Name: Afzalur Rahman .wub-3350 .Supervisor Name:Helaluddin Ahmed .Dec-07,2018

General Banking activities of Pubali Bank limited

Students Name: Tanjina Rahman .wub-3266 .Supervisor Name:Priyanka Das Dona .nov-26,2018

Consumer service activities of One Bank limited

Students Name: samia Noor Afsana .wub-2846 .Supervisor Name:Abdullah Mohammad Sharif .Dec-11,2018

Operations of central depositary Bangladesh limited CDBL

Students Name: Restab rezwana .wub-01/15/48/3333 .Supervisor Name:Abdullah Mohammad Sharif . Dec,12,2018

Training and development practies of Uttara Bank limited

Students Name: Moniruzzaman Minor .wub-01/15/48/3311 .Supervisor Name:Mobarok Karim .Dec.11,2018

sales and promotionals activities of MI cements factory limited

Students Name: Md. Fahad Khan ,wub-01/15/48/3305 .Supervisor Name:Tanvir zubair ahmed ,Dec.05,2018

Deposit analysis of National bank limited

Students Name: aurav Mandol .wub-01/15/48/3324 .Supervisor Name:SAbdullah Mohammad Sharif .Dec-03,2018

General Banking Activities of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.

Students Name: Syedha Nusrat Jahan wub-01/15/48/3289 .Supervisor Name:Priyanka Das Dona. Nov-26th,2018

The procedures and politics of Billing payment system of titas gas transmission and distributions

Students Name: Jakia Akter .wub-01/15/48/3281 .Supervisor Name:Priyanka Das Dona .Nov.28-2018

General Banking activities of Mercentile Bank Limited

Students Name: Subrina Akter.wub-01/15/48/3277 ,Supervisor Name:Helaluddin Ahmed ,Nov-23,2018

Brand Marketing of Akij Food and Beverage limited

Students Name:Mahmudul Haque wub-01/15/48/3323 ,Supervisor Name:Tanvir zubair ahmed,Dec-03,2018

Account opening and deposit activities of Janata Bank limited

Students Name: Hafizur Rahman wub-01/15/48/3372 Supervisor Name:Abdullah Mohammad Sharif Dec-11,2018

Account opening and clossing procedure of Janata Bank Limited.

Students Name: Md. Sohrab hosen wub-01/15/48/3304 Supervisor Name:Abdullah Mohammad Sharif Nov-27,2018

foregian exchange activities of Islami bank Bangladeh Limited

Students Name: Khadiza Akter wub-01/15/48/3253 Supervisor Name:Mobarok Karim Dec-08,2018

General Banking activities of Islami bank Limited

Students Name: Tahmina sultana wub-01/15/48/3373 Supervisor Name:Abdullah Mohammad Sharif Dec-10,2018

General Banking Activities of Al Arafah Bank Limited

Students Name: taposh mondol wub- 01/15/48/3328 Supervisor Name:Mobarok Karim, Dec-12,2018

Foregian exchange activities of Jamuna bank limited

Students Name: Tanjila Tabassum wub-01/15/48/3356 Supervisor Name:Md. Mobarok Karim ,Dec,2018