Thesis :: Department of Civil Engineering

Study and comparism if UBC 1994, UBC 1997 IBC 2012 and BNBC 2015 with respect to earthquake and wind load analysis

Student’s Name: Arifur Rahman ,ID: wub-10/14/62/3586,Supervisor: Ariful Islam Apr-19

A study on traffic volume and capacity of Moghbazar and mouchak flyover at Dhaka

Student’s Name: Nahid Alam ,ID:wub-10/14/61/3453 ,Supervisor:Ahmed sajid hasan Apr-19

The impact of climate change on human health in Dhaka city

Student’s Name: Rakibul Hossain ,ID: wub-10/15/64/4155 ,Supervisor:Lokman Hosen Feb-19

Study on future water requirments in cumilla city corporation

Student’s Name: Afzal Hossain Talukder ,ID: wub-10/15/64/4051 ,Supervisor:Hamidur Rahaman Apr-19

Study and practical observation on major undesirable constructional working defects in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: AKM Moniruzzaman ,ID:wub-10/15/64/3957 ,Supervisor:Rajib Kumar Das Apr-19

Effect motorcycle on average daily traffic and annual average daily traffic at asad gate intersection on mirpur road

Student’s Name: Masuma Akter ,ID:wub-10/15/64/4052 ,Supervisor:Asif Bin Kabir Apr-19

A study on the effective ness of ride shairing bike in Dhaka city

Student’s Name: Zobair Hasan ,ID: wub-10/14/62/3598 ,Supervisor:Ahmed Sajid Hasan Apr-19

A study on traffic flow at different road intersection in Dhaka city

Student’s Name:Iqbal Hossain ,ID: wub-10/15/64/3928 ,Supervisor:Ahmed Sajid Hasan Apr-19

The impact of salinity on drain king water and agrictural at coastal areas in Bangladesh

Student’s Name:Zahangir Alam ,ID: wub-10/15/65/4224 ,Supervisor:Ahmed Sajid Hasan Apr-19

Effect of motor bike service on roadway stream

Student’s Name: Sumit Majumder ,ID: wub-10/15/64/4062 ,Supervisor: Asrat Ali siddiqui Apr-19

Study of the functioning of shahbag road intersection in dhaka city area

Student’s Name: Masud Rana ,ID:wub-10/15/65/4211 ,Supervisor: Kaniz Roksana Apr-19

Rain water harvesting to meet the increasing demands of water at Baridhara diplomatic zone

Student’s Name: Apurba Biswas ,ID: wub-10/13/58/2724 ,Supervisor:Lokman Hosen Apr-19

The Impact on environment and human health for waste generated from textile industries in narsindi area

Student’s Name: Shariar Hasan ,ID: wub-10/15/66/4392,Supervisor: Lokman Hosen Apr-19

Fabrication of an eco-friendly water treatment plant to make swamp drinkable

Student name: Samanta Akter, wub- Supervisor: Abul Hasnath Ove

study of building workers safty in dhaka city area

Students Name:kazi aftabul islam .wub-10.13.603258 .Supervisor Name:Rokhshana Parvin .April.2019

Assessment of auto mechanical car parking at motsho Bhabon and Rajuk commercial car parking complex at Gulshan-1

Students Name: Md. Rubel Ahmed .wub- .Supervisor Name:Md. Tahmidur Rahman Bhuiyan .Jan,2019

Analysis of water Demand & water supply system at P.C culture Housing society, Shyamoli, Dhaka

Students Name: Md. Zahidul Islam .wub- .Supervisor Name:Hamidur Rahaman .Oct, 2018

Metro Roil construction and its effects on road users

Students Name:Md. Syfur Rahman .wub- .Supervisor Name:MD. Tanvir Ahmed .Jan,2019

A study on the environmental impact assessment of meghna industrial economic zone

Students Name:Md. Kabir Alam .wub- .Supervisor Name:Shamima Akter .31-Jan-19

Different types of pavement failures of Dhaka Aricha High way (Amin Bazar to Dhamrai) and there possible solutions

Students Name: Md. Rokon Uddin .wub- .Supervisor Name:Rokhshana Parvin .Dec, 2018

Study on solid waste management in Ready made Garments sector at Mirpur area in Dhaka City

Students Name: Md. Jahidul Islam .wub- .Supervisor Name:Dr.Md.Zahid Husain Khan .Jan,2019

Study on water loss of distribution net work under Dhaka WASA

Students Name: Md. Azad khan .wub- .Supervisor Name:Md. Zahid Husain Khan .30. Janu ,2019

Study on revised seismic zoning map and related parameters of proposed BNBC and comparing with BNBC - 1993

Students Name: Md. Rizwanul Haque .wub- .Supervisor Name:MD. Tusar Khandokar .2 Feb, 2019

Comparative study on parking demand analysis at jamuna future park and bashundhara sopping mall, Dhaka

Students Name: Md. Mahedee Hasan .wub- .Supervisor Name:Ahmed sajid hasan .Dec, 2018

A study on the impact of mayor mohammad Hanif flyover on the life of surrounding people

Students Name: Md. Mehedi Hasan khan. wub- .Supervisor Name:Ahmed sajid hasan /Dec, 2018

Effect of aesthefic beauty of Cox's Bazar sea Beah due to solid wastel management and disposal system

Students Name: Khurshidul Hasnaine .wub- .Supervisor Name:A.F.M Ashik Rahman .Jan,2019

Development of a suitable treatment option for protencial reuse of domestic grey water at mirpur area in Dhaka , Bangladesh

Students Name: Zanntur Reswan wub- 10.15. 64 .4020 .Supervisor Name:Kaniz Roksana Jan,2019

Study of the impacts on environment by electronic waste in case of Dhaka city

Students Name: Sinthia Khatun .wub- .Supervisor Name:MD. Asif Bin Kabir .Jan,2019

Analysis of water quality parameters of supplied water by DWASA at Dhanmondi and near by areas

Students Name: Md. Rashedul Islam wub- .Supervisor Name:Sagor Kumar Poddar Jan,2019

Study the causes and their effect of drainage problems at motijheel area in Dhaka city

Students Name: d. Mahbub Hasan .wub- .Supervisor Name:MMd. Zahid Hussain khan .Feb, 2019

A study on environmental impact of disposal of waste generated from garments factories of chittagong city

Students Name: isa chakma .wub - .Supervisor Name:TMd. Abdul Hasanath ove .Dec, 2018

Applicability of water quality index for Jamuna River and its purification

Students Name: Md. Sohidul Islam .wub- .Supervisor Name:A.F.M Ashik Rahman .Nove, 2019

Analysis and Design of ten storied residential building with pile foundation

Students Name: SM Ahsan Habib Bashir .wub- .Supervisor Name:Sudipta Chakrabarty .Nove, 2019

A study on garments waste management system and its effect on human health in Gazipur city

Students Name: Md. Mahfuzur Rahman .wub- .Supervisor Name:Md. Al Amran Sarker .Nove, 2019

Study on pollution sources of uttara lake in Dhaka Bangladesh

Students Name: aleh Md. Shakerul Islam .wub- .Supervisor Name:SDr.Md.Zahid Husain Khan .Nove, 2019

Pedestrian flow characteristics in Dhaka metropolitan city (DMC)in Bangladesh

Students Name: Md. Rafikul Islam .wub- .Supervisor Name:Rajib Kumar Das .Oct, 2018