Thesis :: Department of English

Efficiency of specific performance of contract under the preview of the specific relief ACT 1877

Student’s Name:Bipul kumar roy ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Kazi Abdur Rahman 13.05.2017

Encountering the difference between intended meaning and perceived meaning

Student's name: Fatema Tuj zohora , ID:wub-05/15/29/870 ,Supervisor: Shahinul Islam ,Jan-19

EFL Learnears perception on development writing skills at the tertiary level Bangldesh concept

Student's name: Salah Uddin Khan , ID: wub-05/15/30/862 ,Supervisor:Nurun Nahar ,Jan-19

Understanding meaning through deconstrative and skepticism

Student's name: Yeasin Al Hossain , ID: wub-05/15/30/844 ,Supervisor: Shahinul Islam ,Jan-19

Teaching listening skills how far bangladeshi education system focus on its development at the secondary level

Student's name: Sazzadul Islam , ID: wub-05/15/30/859 ,Supervisor:Nurullah Patwary ,Apr-18

Classroom Interaction as a way of developing students speaking skills how far Bangladeshi Tertialry levels education focus on its development at the EFL classroom

Student's name: Swarna Choudhury , ID: wub-05/15/29/894 ,Supervisor:Shahinul Islam ,Apr-18

Understanding camusian revolt and death in literaturer

Student's name: Zahin Islam , ID:wub-05/14/27/696 ,Supervisor: Shahinul Islam ,Apr-18

Wole soyinkas the lion and the jewel a study of imperial resistant

Student's name: Nurul Ambia choudhury , ID: wub-05/14/27/714 ,Supervisor:Amin Sharif ,Apr-18

Feministic phenomena in adrienne riches poetry an interpretation

Student's name: Moutushe masud , ID: wub-05/14/27/681 ,Supervisor:Abdul Momen sarker ,Apr-18

Seize the Day a security of wilhelms being invalid

Student's name: Munir Hussen , ID: wub-05/14/28/772 ,Supervisor:Shahinul Islam ,Jan-18

Albert camus the outsider a study of colonial anxiety

Student's name: Humayun Kabir , ID: wub-05/14/26/635,Supervisor: Amin Sharif Jan-18

The scarlet letter a freudian interpretation

Student's name: Nijhum Islam , ID: wub-05/14/26/661 ,Supervisor:Sanjana hashim ,Jan-18

The lion and the jewel a study of postcolonial ecocriticism and feminism

Student's name: Keya memy , ID: wub-05/14/26/649 ,Supervisor:Elious Hossain Jan-18

Great expectation a marxist view

Student's name: Eyrin Sultana , ID: wub-05/14/26/656 ,Supervisor:Nurun Nahar Jan-18

Robinson cruse the psychology of an imperialist

Student’s Name: Nurun Nahar choudhury ,ID: wub-05/14/25/598 ,Supervisor:Nurullah Patwary Jan-18

The core source of Tommy wilthelms agony in seize the day

Student’s Name: Rafiqul Islam ,ID: wub-05/12/18/608 ,Supervisor:Shahinul Islam Jan-18

Implementation of the electric approch in ell classroom a study on the teachers attitudes

Student’s Name: Redwan ,ID:wub-05/14/26/638 ,Supervisor: Nasim Fardose Jan-18

The Dissection of Meursaults inflated ego in the outsider

Student’s Name: Halima Akter ,ID:wub-05/14/25/588 ,Supervisor:Shahinul Islam Dec-16

Erich maria remarques a time to love and a time to die aspect and impact to war in the eyes of a front line soldier

Student’s Name: Arafat Hossain ,ID:wub-05/13/23/523 ,Supervisor:Masudur Rahman Dec-16

Samsal Becketts waiting for godot

Student’s Name: Leton chandra Basu ,ID: wub-05/13/24/545 ,Supervisor: Shahinul Islam Dec-16

Empiricism and pragmatism of francis Bacoris eassys

Student’s Name: :Rizvi Rahman ,ID: wub-05/13/22/498 ,Supervisor:Faisal Ahmed Dec-16

A leading university of ulilitarian education for economic emancipation

Student’s Name: : Yousuf Nizam ,ID05/13/22/497,Supervisor: Md. Habibullah Dec-16

Fenisiam in the guide a study

Student’s Name: Laboni Akter ,ID:wub-05/12/18/361 ,Supervisor:Abdul Momen sarker Dec-16

The outsider a study of colonical existentialism

Student’s Name: Rabia Akter ,ID:wub-05/13/19/395 ,Supervisor:Md. Shahinul Islam Dec-16

The lion and the Jewel a post colonical text

Student’s Name: Riyad Hossain ,ID: wub-05/13/19/390 ,Supervisor: Md. Habibullah Dec-18