Thesis :: Department of Pharmacy

In-vitro Evaluation of Different Dosage of Paracetamol Tablet Preparation Available in Bangladesh

Student Name:Aysha Siddika ,ID:WUB- ,Supervisor Name:Shegupta

Bone Diseases and Their Medications Used in Bangladesh

Student Name:Md. Sohel Rana ,ID:WUB- ,Supervisor Name:Taqiya Akther

In-Vitro thrombolytic and antioxidant activity of Taccaintegrifolia (Dioscoreaceae)

Student Name:Md. Shimul Islam ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/382 ,Supervisor Name:Farhina Rahman

In-Vitro thrombolytic and antioxidant activity of Zingiberchrysanthemum (Zingiberaceae

Student Name:AnnayaDebnath ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/385 ,Supervisor Name:Farhina Rahman

Phytochemical and Biological Activities of EcliptaProstrata (Family: Asteracae)

Student Name:Juthi Rani Das ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/389 ,Supervisor Name:

Overview of Prostate Cancer

Student Name:Md. Ariful Islam ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/365 ,Supervisor Name:

Identification of Major Classes of Gastrointestinal Drugs Manufactured in Bangladesh for Common GI Disorders

Student Name:Shourav ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/364 ,Supervisor Name:Shegupta Ahmed

In-Vitro thrombolytic , total phenoli content and antioxidant activity of Desmodiumgangeticum (leaves)

Student Name:RabeyaParvinRatna ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/386 ,Supervisor Name:Sharmin Sultana Joity

Floating Drug Delivery System

Student Name:Ripon Chandra Deb Sharma ,ID:WUB-14/15/13/341 ,Supervisor Name:Dr. Harun or rashid

Determination of Antioxidant and Thrombolytic Profile of Plant Callicarpamacropholia

Student Name: Most. Zerin Sultana,ID: WUB-, Supervisor Name:Jalal uddin

In-vitro Evaluation of Ranitidine HCl Tablet Available in Bangladesh Market

Student Name:Md. Suzon Ali ID: WUB-14/15/13/383 Supervisor Name:Samira

An Overview on Vaccination and its Schedule in Bangladesh

Student Name:S.M. Rashedul Islam ID: WUB-14/15/13/378 Supervisor Name:Taqiya Akther

In Vitro Thrombolytic Activity, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of DesmodiumGangeticum(Bark)

Student Name:,TarminaAkter ID.: WUB Supervisor Name:Sharmin Sultana

In-Vitro thrombolytic and antioxidant activity of Bytnerriapilosa (Malvaceae)

Student Name:SumaiyalMahmudaShifa ID.: WUB 14/15/13/343 Supervisor Name:Farhina Rahman Laboni

A Semblance Study on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary

Student Name:,Md. Saiful Islam ID.: WUB 14/15/13/352 Supervisor Name:Shadhon kumar mondal

A Review on Management of Infectious Diseases

Student Name:Md. Talukder MottasemBillah , ID. Wub14/15/13/362, Supervisor Name:Shadhan Kumar Mondal