Thesis :: Department of Law

An analysis on fundamental rights in the constitution of Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Mousomi ,ID: wub-18/17/27/671 ,Supervisor:Hasibuzzaman Jul-18

Legal aid in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Ditee Patwary ,ID: wub-18/17/27/663 ,Supervisor:Dr. Abdul Jalil Jun-18

Violation of human right and solution Bangladesh prospective

Student’s Name: Sonia Akter ,ID: wub-18/17/27/672 ,Supervisor:Enamul Haque Moni Sep-17

Settling disputes in village courts though ARD Process

Student’s Name: Shahinur Rahman ,ID:wub-18/17/27/665 ,Supervisor:Dr. Soheb Mahmud Sep-17

Cyber Crimes in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Riyaj Hossain ,ID: wub-18/17/27/666 ,Supervisor:Israt Jahan Sep-17

Problem of Alternative dispute resulation mechanism and proposal for improvement

Student’s Name: Dewan Riazul Islam ,Supervisor:Mahmudul Hasan Sep-17

Temporary Injunction trends in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Abdul Kayum ,ID: wub-18/16/26/645 ,Supervisor: Israt Jahan Sep-17

Evaluation of the environmental laws policies in Bangladesh 1971-2017

Student’s Name: Jakaria Molla,ID: wub-18/16/26/651 ,Supervisor:Kazi Abdur Rahman Sep-17

A study on worker's retren chment under labour law: Bangladesh perspective

Student’s Name: Md. Kamrul Hasan ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Md. Enamul Haque Moni 29.09.2017

Tendency of high rate of dissolution of muslim marriage in Dhaka city of Bangladesh (Legal , Ehtical and psychological perspective)

Saidul Islam ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Mansur Al Farid Ziku Nov, 2017 Student’s Name:

Environmental protection and its impact on development in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Saidul Islam ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Mansur Al Farid Ziku Nov, 2017

Drug Addiction and Its Prevention Law in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Abdul kaiyum Md. Humayun kabir ,Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil 29.09.2017

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system in criminal cases of Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Aiyan Gaffar khan (1 year) ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor: Md. Enamul Haque Moni 02.10.2017

Role of the Judiciary Human rights in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Md. Jahangir Alam (1year) ,ID: wub - ,Supervisor: Dr.Md. Abdul Jalil 02.10.2017

Law and practice of preventive detention : A comparative analysis in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Ayatul Al Amin (1 year ) ,ID: wub-640 ,Supervisor:Mansur Al Farid Ziku 30.09.2017

The principles of delimitation of maritime boundary between Bangladesh and India : A study in the purview of relevant legal decision

Student’s Name: Md. Monir Hossain (1 year) ,ID: wub- 18. 16.26.637 ,Supervisor:Dr. Md. Shoeb mahmud 20.10.2017

Writ Jurisdiction : Enforcement of fundamental Rights

Student’s Name:Asok kumar Roy (1 year) ,ID:wub- ,Supervisor:Md. Enamul Haque Moni 03.03.2017

A Study on police remand in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: SK. Sakim Azad ,ID:wub- ,Supervisor:Mansur Al Farid Ziku 02.10.2017

The controversial provision of section 57 of the information and communication technology ACT , 2006 : A review (1 year)

Student’s Name: Md. Morshed Alam ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Dr.Md. Shoeb Mahmud 02.10.2017

Arms Act: Its merits and demerits in Bangladesh (1 Year)

Student’s Name: Hossin Arifin ,ID: wub - ,Supervisor:Kamrun Naher 29.09.2017

Medical Negligence in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Ishrat Tanjim ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Mahnaj Mehreen 13.05.2017

The causes of Cyber crime in Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Sifatul Islam ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Md. Mahmudul Hasan Razib 10.05.2017

Burden of proof and standard of proof under the evidence Act

Student’s Name: Arif Jamader ,ID: wub -,Supervisor: Md.Mahmudul Hasan Razib 13.05.2017

Child marriage dilemma and recent child marriage restraint Act , 2017

Student’s Name:Omor Faruk ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Kazi Abdur Rahman 12.05.2017

The ombudsman under the constitution of Bangladesh

Student’s Name: Md. Nahid Hasan ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Mahnaj Mehreen 13.05.2017

Managing of natural resources under international law

Student’s Name: Md. Jahirul Islam ,ID: wub- ,Supervisor:Md. Enamul Haque Moni 12.05.2017

Injunction under specific relief act-1877

Student’s Name: Mrinmoy Das Tapu ,ID: wub- 16.18.25..623 ,Supervisor:Md. Shahidudzzaman 13.05.2017