Thesis :: Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Design and Construction of a Humanoid Robot Hand Named “ROBO- MITT”

Tanvir Ahmed & Oth,WUB-,Sayed Aktar Rahman

Study of a Plastic Product Manufacturing Process Plant

Rubait Jahan& Others,WUB-,K M Zakir Hossain

Design and Constriction of a CNC Machine

Abdul Haque,WUB-,Sayed Aktar Rahman

Automatic Water Level Control System Using MCU

Mostofa Kamal & Oth.,WUB-,Sayed Aktar Rahman.

Design and Development of Fire Detection & Protection System

Mr Pulak Kumar,WUB-, Sayed Aktar Rahman.

Design & Construction of a Derrieus Wind Turbine

MD. Mohakkemul Moni, WUB- 11/12/30/885,MD. Tarek Ur Rahman

Design & Construction of Wireless Power Transmission Device

Prasenjit Podde, WUB - 11/12/30/873,MD. Mahrub Kabir

Design & Construction of Soil Moisture Sensor Based Automatic Pump Controller for Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sharmin Jahan , WUB - 11/11/29/752,Dr. A.K. M. Zainul Abedin

Design & Construction of an Electrical Load Control System for a Room Using Radio Freequency Signal

Mst. Rehena Akter, WUB - 11/12/30/860,MD. Golam Rabbani

Study of PID Control System

Ujjal sarkar Registration no. WUB/31/12/965 SUPERVISED BY Md.Sayed Aktar Rahman

Study and analysis of parameters of an electronic circuit using Picoscope.

Md. Yeashin TanvirRegistration no: WUB 11/12/31/953SUPERVISED BYMd. Mahrub Kabir

Design and Construction of vehicle Security

Rezaul Karim wub/11/13/31/1005 supervisor:Mahrub kabir

Assessment of Temperature & Dust Effect on Performance of a Solar Panel

MD. Sourov HossainRegistration No.WUB11/12/31/980SUPERVISED BY Prof. Dr. M. Shafiqul Islam

Design and Construction of an Ultrasonic 2D Scanner

Md. Firoj MiahRegistration no. WUB11/11/30/821SUPERVISED BYMd. Sayed Aktar Rahman

Metal Detecting Automated Vehicle Operated by Android Application & Remote control

Al Mamun KhanRegistration no. WUB 11/13/31/1013SUPERVISED BY Md. Tarek Ur Rahman Erin

Design and Construction of a Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Vehicle with 6 DOF Robotic Arm

Mohammed Zaher MiahRegistration no. WUB11/09/20/430 SUPERVISED BY Enamul Hoq

Design and Construction of a Humanoid Biped Robot

Anik Mahmud TusharWUB-11/12/30/850SUPERVISED BYMd. Sayed Aktar Rahman